Glass walls are safe and offer many benefits

Glass walls are safe and offer many benefits

Glass partitions are great for separating environments and also providing spaciousness to the place. Bringing innovative solutions and making the place more beautiful and pleasant. Learn about the benefits of glass partitions and transform your home environments, when choosing a glass wall art

Solutions that were previously unthinkable have been proven with the arrival and use of glass partitions. In civil construction , for a long time, the only way to separate environments was through walls. However, this was an alternative with no chance of reversal.

This made the environments 100% fixed, due to the complexity and work involved in making the divisions. But glass partitions changed that.

Due to the increased use of glass in works, many engineers, architects and decorators began to innovate in creating environments. And today we have several ways to divide environments, either permanently or reversibly.

Were you curious to know how to create extraordinary environments using glass partitions? Continue reading and see some tips and inspiration for your work.

More space for you and your family
Taking advantage of all available spaces in a project is extremely important. The glass partition brings creative and innovative solutions, which is why it has become a fundamental piece.

The glass has a smaller thickness, different from a masonry wall. That is, in addition to elegance, your work also gains more space to be used.

Since they are visually connected, the glass partitions ensure a sense of spaciousness to the environments.

With reversible doors and partitions, it is possible to combine business with pleasure. This facilitates the rearrangement of the glass plates, making changes much easier.

Endless customization possibilities
Expressing style and feeling in their homes is something that many homeowners strive for these days. This becomes possible thanks to the glass partitions, which ensure this customization, pleasing customers when designing the work and its final result.

Imagine that you want to divide your home environments, but with a different alternative to masonry walls. Even sharing the environment, you don’t want to lose light or privacy.

The solution in this case is the use of glass partitions, which can provide these solutions, in addition to a more sophisticated customization , with the choice of different colors for the glasses.

Another very common situation is when the kitchen is connected to another room. Visually it is very beautiful, but in practice there may be negative points such as odors invading the environments.

In this case, installing a glass door is an excellent solution. The feeling of spaciousness will not be lost and problems will be solved, without losing the style that pleases you.

Greater security for your work
Glass may seem fragile and cause a feeling of insecurity with possible accidents, however, tempered and laminated glass is considered safety glass, as it is much more resistant than ordinary glass.

These glasses have unique features and benefits that people are often unaware of.

So don’t worry, the glasses are quite resistant and guarantee everyone’s safety.

Have a reliable supplier
Even knowing the information above, it is necessary to rely on a serious and reliable supplier when choosing the glass for your work.

Tempex carries a wide range of the best quality flat glass and mirrors. We have the perfect solutions for your project, with different sizes and thicknesses that will make your project a success.

Want to transform your home with glass partitions?

Talk to your glazier and order Tempex glass. They have excellent quality and durability, in addition to making your property amazing!

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