Flooring for a double bedroom – Best options to choose from

Flooring for a double bedroom – Best options to choose from

The flooring for a double bedroom is an indispensable item in interior design. After all, it is not just any type of coating that is suitable for decorating rooms for adults or children. In addition to completing the decoration of the environment, the floors must also be resistant, comfortable and functional when cleaning and maintenance, for example, Flooring refinishing in Ponte Vedra


Therefore, we can say that it is not just any floor suitable for the rooms, because of the comfort and functionality that the environment requires. With that in mind, in today’s post we’re going to bring several models of flooring for a double bedroom, each with its characteristics and indications to match your project.

Flooring for a double bedroom – See the list of the best 

When we talk about flooring for a double bedroom, we have to consider two versions: one warmer and the other colder. Coverings such as vinyl, laminate and wood flooring are from the warm flooring category, ideal for use in the children’s room and also in the couple’s room. But nothing prevents you from using tiled floors in your bedroom, in fact, some materials are versatile and can be combined with any type of bedroom decor.

Wood flooring for double bedroom

One of the coziest coverings to use in the bedroom is the wooden floor or floor as it is popularly known. Its main advantages involve the thermal comfort that keeps the room warm in winter and also its beauty, combining with various decorative styles. To maintain the beauty and functionality of the wooden floor in the double bedroom, it will be necessary to invest in a suitable wax, carry out the necessary maintenance, removing the worn wood, for example.

Option with carpet in the double bedroom

If you prefer to invest in another material to cover the floor in the double bedroom, a carpeted option would be ideal to install in the environment. Ideal for homes in colder cities, the carpet is very cozy, it makes the room warm, so it can be installed in the living room as well. Carpet can be found in various materials such as nylon, wool and polyester. Each of them are suitable for couples and children’s rooms.

As much as it is one of the most comfortable bedroom coverings, carpet is not indicated for homes with people allergic to dust or with respiratory problems. This type of coating also needs periodic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and moisture care.

Laminate flooring for double bedroom

Laminate flooring for a double bedroom is a more affordable option than wooden flooring . In addition, laminate flooring is easy to install and maintain daily maintenance by cleaning the environment using the right products. Like wood, laminate flooring is permeable and products containing chlorine cannot be used as they damage the coating.

Find different colors and models of laminate flooring for a double bedroom, including laminates that imitate wood.

Porcelain models in the bedroom 

Among the models of porcelain tiles in the bedroom are the enamelled models, suitable for use in bedrooms and a better option than polished porcelain tiles. Coating such as porcelain tile is from the category of cold floors, so it is not suitable for children’s rooms.

As it is a more sophisticated floor, this type of coating is ideal for covering the entire house, bringing elegance and functionality, as it is practical to clean.

Vinyl floors for double bedroom

Vinyl floors are similar to laminate floors, however, their installation is simpler and you don’t need to break the floor for installation. A great advantage is its thermal protection, being one of the best coatings to keep the room warm. Its maintenance and cleaning is also very practical, becoming resistant to moisture and does not scratch as easily as a wooden floor. As well as laminate flooring, find different colors for vinyl flooring, imitating wood, ceramics and even marble.

Ceramics in the bedroom

One of the cheapest home floors is ceramics, being a great option to replace porcelain tiles. However, one of the disadvantages of ceramics is that when wet, they can be quite slippery than polished porcelain tiles. To prevent accidents, you can opt for rougher ceramics and not smooth ones, which tend to be more slippery.

In the same way as porcelain tiles, it is possible to find several ceramic options, some with different colors and others with textures imitating wood to match the room.

How to choose the flooring for a double bedroom?

With so many options, it is possible that you are in doubt of which floor to choose for a double bedroom. Below are some tips worth checking out.

Need to meet daily needs

One of the essential points when choosing flooring is to prioritize your daily needs. As we have seen, we have cold and warm types of floors. In the case of rooms, warm floors are more suitable, bringing comfort and sophistication that match the decor.

Consider floor maintenance

When choosing the best flooring for the couple’s bedroom, consider the maintenance of the coating. Some models are more fragile than others, so if you are used to frequently changing the organization of your room, it is better to invest in a more resistant floor.

Invest in hard-wearing floor coverings

Betting on resistant floor coverings is a solution for houses or rooms that will be rented. In this way, you prevent the coating from scratching easily, as well as being damaged by moisture if it is washed directly with water.

Combine the floor with the decoration of the couple’s room

Another tip is that the coating matches the decor of the double bedroom, making the space more cozy and beautiful. The idea is to choose lighter coatings to bring tranquility, as well as betting on neutral colors to make the decor more versatile. The wooden floors or those inspired by the element have the function of combining with a more minimalist and rustic decor.

Did you like the ideas with flooring for a double bedroom? Which one would you choose to cover your room? Comment here.

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